• Wellness consults - specializing in the but-brain axis, digestion, and anxiety & depression. 
  • Personalized wellness plans 
  • Functional lab testing 
  • Professional supplements
  • Vitamin injections

Naturopathic health consulting involves personalized guidance with Dr. Kate. She carefully assesses your health history, current health concerns, and health goals to develop a comprehensive wellness plan. Functional lab testing is used to capture current health status. Well plans may include lifestyle modifications, dietary guidance, supplement or injection recommendations, and more, all aimed at optimizing your well-being.

Holistic therapy is an approach to health and wellness that recognizes the interconnectedness of various aspects of your well-being, including mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual dimensions. It encompasses a comprehensive assessment and treatment plan to address the whole person, focusing on personalized care that considers your unique needs.

Because injections are effective and offer Mindful Belly a unique advantage in promoting immediate well-being. 

Injections and digestive healing are closely linked; poor digestion hinders nutrient absorption, undermining overall wellness and exacerbating symptoms. 

Injections bypass digestion allowing for thorough absorption even digestion is not properly absorbing nutrients. 

Vitamin injections are a direct and efficient way to deliver essential nutrients to your body. Nutrient IVs involve administering a blend of nutrients intravenously to promote rejuvenation and vitality from within. Both methods ensure rapid absorption, providing an immediate boost to your overall wellness.

Our professional supplements are carefully selected to meet your individual health needs. They play a crucial role in providing targeted support for various aspects of your well-being, from energy and immunity to mood and digestion.

Absolutely. We pride ourselves on offering outgoing, caring, and personalized medicine. Our treatments are tailored to your unique healthcare needs, ensuring that you receive the individualized attention necessary for your journey towards optimal wellness.

Our specialized gut-brain axis healing is designed for those with digestive and/or mental health concerns seeking a holistic and natural approach to healing the interconnectedness between gut and brain. 

We offer something for everyone! Vitamin injections from our Shot Bar offer anyone a quick boost of nutrients so you can start feeling better today. 

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